Mirror Medicine

There's something you do every day that gives you an opening to an easy, effective way to care for your energy body. Chances are you look in the mirror each day, whether that's to brush your teeth, wash your face, put on makeup, etc. That daily glance holds an incredible power and can have a profound effect on your energetic wellbeing. It's something I call mirror medicine.
The wisdom of mindfulness - when attention combines with intention- can turn a mundane task in front of a mirror into an opportunity to touch a deeper aspect of your life. Where you place your attention with a focused intention opens up the moment for bringing healing, joy, and harmony to your entire being. You become fully present.
What does this have to do with looking in the mirror while brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, or doing some other mundane thing? From my experience, both personally and in working with others, those few minutes you're going to spend anyway are readily available for you to infuse with an intention that, over time, adds up to a positive shift in your energy. Simply by meeting your reflection in the mirror with love or thanking your body is a great place to start. The point is to feel love, appreciation, compassion, and deep acceptance for yourself.
I realize this isn't always easy. Some days the last thing I can do is feel good about myself. Some days voices of doubt, fear, and insecurities make too much noise and I can't hear or feel the sweetness of truth. The ego shouts; the soul whispers. Of course all feelings are real, but they are not what's true. What's true is that we are each a unique face of the divine - an inherently beautiful expression of the essence of creation. Taking just a moment everyday to witness that - the beauty and miracle of you -greatly nourishes your entire being from your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

As a natural skin care fan, I like to think of mirror medicine as the perfect time for my energy healing practice. It's multi-tasking in the best sense - I'm already engaged in my daily skin care ritual so why not bring a deeper intention to that time? I've grown to call washing my face and applying moisturizer a beauty ritual because it feels a little more meaningful that way. There is power in the word ritual - just thinking of that word puts me in a space of mindfulness and guides me to my intention of tending to myself with kindness and love.
Skin care is a wonderful, effective tool beyond supporting healthy skin for outer radiance. It offers moments of magic for sculpting your energy, clearing away the gunk and bringing in more of your true nature. Some of the best medicine we can enjoy.
There are a variety of things we do in front of the mirror. I encourage you to try this style of energy work while doing anything skincare related since the touch involved is an excellent opportunity to send a physical signal of healing through your entire body and soul. The next time you have a moment in front of the mirror feel what happens if you hold eye contact just a little longer. Notice what emotions emerge. With your attention focused on you, perhaps your intention is to accept all of you... even the messy parts. Perhaps you feel self-compassion down to your bones. Perhaps an "I love you" whispers aloud and sends a wave of healing through your energy field - a wave that echoes well beyond that moment in the mirror.
Photo by Soul.photobr from Pexels
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