For a small artisan skin care maker I get a fair amount of emails from influencers, beauty blogger influencers, and companies looking to connect PSE to their social media influencer market. I'm just not interested in this kind of marketing and advertisement. I’ll explain why:
Although I’ve dipped my toe into those waters a few times in the very beginning of PSE, my feelings about what I make just doesn’t align with the feelings I have toward the influencer model. Let me be clear - I'm not throwing shade to that business approach or to influencers themselves. I’m friends with, and enjoy the content of certain people who probably consider themselves to be in the influencer category, and I admire their bravery and outspokenness. Yet, to me, much of influencer-driven marketing seems like a lot of noise.
From its very beginning, PSE has been about shifting the sales-driven beauty industry paradigm. My work is about bringing something handmade and pure to you - the kind of potions imbued with power from the other realms that I wish someone would have brought to me years ago. I've observed the dis-empowerment that comes from much of the beauty industry's marketing styles, business models, and products themselves. That's not me, nor is it the work I set out to create seven years ago.

PSE is about nourishment, joy,and a love and reverence for the beauty and wonder of our world. In myheart I'm an artist, not an industrialist. I’m not heading up a big company full of machines pumping outthousands of SKUs in a production line. I spend my days in my littleapothecary, working with precious oils, herbs, and clays... tending theflower beds, wild harvesting plants, and hand pouring my love for you intointo bottles and jars. As I make these potions I hope they bring youhappiness, nourishment, and moments of refuge from the noise.

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels
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