Artisan handmade

Made from fresh ingredients as close to their natural states as possible, each skincare potion gives your skin exceptional care and nourishment. I source only earth-pure organic and wild-harvested botanical oils, herbs, therapeutic clays, and raw honey from farmers and producers who value sustainability and earth stewardship.

Made for results, these natural formulas work in synergy with your skin’s natural rhythm of healing and renewal. Every step in hand-crafting these skincare gems brings more layers of vibrancy into each bottle and, creating the magic of this powerfully effective holistic skin care collection.

A Sanctuary of Self

The personal alchemy of beauty ritual offers a treasured space for personal connection. This restorative resting place is your time to return to center - to reflect, renew, and deepen your connection between yourself and source.

Intentional beauty inspires radical self love and compassion...a return to your unique rhythm in which life flows naturally and with ease. Awaken the facets of your iinner beauty and watch as your outer beauty reflects the care and love you pour into yourself. It all adds up.

Experience the magic of your own touch combined with nourishing skin care and rituals to strengthen your skin-soul connection, that unique communication flow between your external and internal realms. Watch how you glow!

Hi, I'm Marissa

I'm honored to make these potions for you. Rooted in my adoration for nature, Precious Skin Elixirs is a love song composed of the healing wonders and aromatic mysteries of earth's finest ingredients. I draw from my years of herbal studies and hands on experience when making the potions and perfumes you see here. Forever a student, I am always learning and growing.

Since 2012 I've sought to bring the art of skincare to a more meaningful experience. I make every batch by hand to bring you fresh, potent nourishment that goes more than just skin deep. These joyful potions are here to infuse your days and nights with loving presence, self-compassion, and real connection to the well of beauty and wisdom at the core of your precious being.

My hope is that you will take great pleasure and delight in this collection. When you cultivate your inner radiance, your outer beauty shines. Enjoy the vibrancy inside every bottle and jar in celebration of your true beauty and the gifts you bring into this world.