What's Your Skin Rhythm?

Beyond the physical wonder and beauty of our skin, our largest organ is also the boundary land between our internal and external realms - in both a physical and energetic sense. You have a precious communication flow between your skin and soul, and when you nurture this connection you open into a deeper relationship with your true self - the you that knows your true needs and desires in this life and how to support them.
Your Skin Rhythm is the unique way your skin is best supported for optimal health, which in turn nurtures your skin-soul connection. In the Precious Skin Elixirs collection I've created four distinct Skin Rhythm Rituals that empower you to care for your skin intuitively with blissful scents and textures that infuse your mornings and nights with loving presence so you can honor your needs and strengthen your connection to that core essence of your being.
Each of the four Skin Rhythm Rituals are designed to nourish and support your skin's vibrancy and full health with a curation of potions designed for specific results. Based on the wisdom of the four elements or Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, the Skin Rhythm Rituals offer various guides for optimally caring for your total being based on natural fluctuations in your skin and energetic needs due to environment, mood, life changes, and beyond.
Let's take a look at each Skin Rhythm Ritual and the specific ways they provide nourishment for your skin and soul.
Air Skin Rhythm Ritual:
The Air Skin Rhythm  breathes new life into skin and restores clarity while caring for sensitivities, addressing imbalances, and relieving troublesome skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and acne. Uplifting to your skin and senses, the nourishing aroma-therapeutic potions in this ritual provide balancing moisture and treatments that respect and support your skin's natural ability to heal and achieve harmony.
Fire Skin Rhythm Ritual:
The Fire Skin Rhythm sparks newfound clarity and energizes skin's natural cycle of renewal, improving congested or lack-luster skin and helping to transform skin troubles such as melasma, hyper-pigmentaion, or acne. The potent and nourishing potions in this ritual - combined with the magic of your own touch - enliven and brighten your skin and mood.
Water Skin Rhythm Ritual:
The Water Skin Rhythm quenches skin that craves replenishment and moisture. This gentle, streamlined approach provides consistent comfort to skin that tends toward dryness and more easily reacts to internal and external stress factors. Give your skin a deep drink of calming nourishment to help soothe upsets, quell redness, and guide you back even texture, tone... and peace.
Earth Skin Rhythm Ritual:
The Earth Skin Rhythm indulges skin in a variety of nourishing and multi-sensory potions for maintaining skin's long-term health. Replenishing vibrancy-boosting nutrients protect skin from environmental stressors while helping  regulate natural oil production. Wrap your skin and senses in the cozy care of balancing earthen clays, luxurious plant oils, and therapeutic herbs that blissfully nourish both skin and soul.