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Blue Opal nourishes and renews all skin with ingredients that will not clog pores, easing inflammation and irritation while relaxing the mind and emotions. This unique potion is exceptionally healing for acne or rosacea prone skin.

Blue Opal quenches skin with calming moisture that soothes even the most troublesome skin conditions. Vibrant with healing, aroma-therapeutic plant oils, this balm-to-serum concentrate melts against the warmth of your skin, giving you the lightness of a serum with the protection of a balm.


Massage into damp skin after cleansing.  Treat chapped, troubled, or upset skin anywhere on your body to help heal, smooth roughness, and ease irritation.

Extra Tips:

Reach for Blue Opal during anxious moments, or when you need a pause to soften into peaceful presence. Perfect for nighttime moisture.

Massage into temples and heart-center to calm, center, and bring peace to the mind as well as to stabilize emotions.


Ximenia seed oil - gives skin deep moisturize, supports firmness, and increases blood flow which helps skin's natural process of renewal.

Marula - rich in cell nourishing Vitamins A and C.

Blue yarrow - calming ability to soothe skin in a profound way - easing redness, inflammation, and troublesome skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and acne.

Boabab - delivers regenerative nutrients that help firm, protect, and support healthy skin function.

Raw, unrefined Kokum butter - supports elasticity and helps sweep debris out of pores as you massage your skin clean.

Blue opal gemstone essence encourages a tranquil heart and centered mind and helps surrender resistance to open space for compassionate self reflection.


Kokum butter (garcinia indica), **Ximenia seed oil (ximenia americana), **Marula oil (sclerocarya birrea),**Watermelon seed oil (citrullus lanatus), *Baobab oil (adansonia digitata), Milk thistle seed oil (silybum marianum),*Blackberry seed oil (rubus laciniatus), Guava seed oil (psidium guajava), *Blue yarrow (achillea millefolium), Elderberry(sambucus nigra), **Rhodedendron (rhododendron adamsii ), *Vanillia (vanilla planifolia).

*Certified organic / **Wild-harvested
Housed in biophotonic Miron violet glass.
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Product FAQs:

What to do if my balm melts?

Not to worry if your Blue Opal melts. This is normal and characteristic of the ingredients, and will not compromise the efficacy of the formula. To return your balm to its original consistency:
1. Screw the lid on tightly and place jar upright in a bowl of very hot water.
2. Allow to melt completely, then carefully transfer to your freezer or refrigerator for a few hours.
3. Let your jar return to room temperature before using.

Why do I feel graininess in my balm?

Graininess in Blue Opal can occur with temperature fluctuations (sometimes this happens in transit). This graininess is a normal characteristic of the kokum butter in this balm. Kokum butter is made up of several fatty acids with differing melting points. When heated, all these fatty acids eventually melt together into a uniform texture, however if the melted shea cools down too slowly these fatty acids start to solidify and crystallize at different speeds which can result in a grainy texture.

Your balm is still just as potent even in a semi-solid grainy state. You can certainly use the balm with a grainy texture - they will melt into you skin as they warm upon touch. Or, you can easily return it back to a smooth solid state with the above mentioned method.




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