The Truth About Moisturizing

Skin needs both water (hydration) and oil (moisture) to function with optimal health and vibrancy. Many conventional skin creams are an emulsion of water and oil which requires preservatives and stabilizers that aren't beneficial for skin. Skin receives purer, more optimal nourishment when the water and oil aspects are provided in separate steps. Skip creams that combine hydration and moisture (water and oil) and go for a 2-step process that will more deeply feed your skin with nutrients - both from hydration and moisture.


Step 1. Hydration

When moisturizing with face oils and balms it's important to make sure you first give skin a layer of hydration. Hydrosols are plant waters (aka distillates) that not only provide skin with essential hydration but also the water soluble nutrients of flowers and herbs. Damp skin also absorbs oils more deeply and readily.


Step 2. Moisture
Seal in all that beautiful hydration with botanical face oils and balms that are packed with antioxidants and vitamin-rich oils in balanced ratios that honor skin's natural rhythm and support healthy function. Reach for balms in the colder, drier months to give skin a lasting layer of protection.
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