The Air Skin Rhythm

Uplift your skin and senses with nourishing therapeutic moisture and treatments that respect and support your skin's
natural ability to heal and find balance.

Breathe new life into skin, restore clarity, and care for sensitivities while addressing imbalances and relieving
troublesome skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne, or skin that feels too oily.

step one

Cleanse & Exfoliate

Massage Peridot Cleansing Balm onto dry skin to fully release makeup and debris while softening congestion. Pay special attention to neck and jawline to ease tension and increase lymph flow. Cradle skin with a steamed cloth for removal, pressing against skin and gently sweeping off. Repeat steamed cloth until all traces of oil are removed.

In the morning simply refresh skin with a few splashes of water or wake up skin with Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay. Follow your intuition as to what feels best.

step two

Mask & Treat

Every other day or so exfoliate with Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay to brighten and decongest. Activate one teaspoon of powder with drops of water in the palm of your hand and mix into a creamy mousse. Swirl over skin for a few minutes, focusing on areas of congestion. Continue your massage as your rinse off.

Enjoy a weekly treatment of Onyx Purity Mask to sweep out stagnation and relieve redness, puffiness, and breakouts.With your treatment brush and bowl, mix one tablespoon of powder with a little less than one tablespoon water into a rich foamy mousse. Paint onto skin and allow to penetrate until just dry. Try rinsing off in the shower for easy removal.

step three

Hydrate & Moisturize

After cleansing or masking, mist face and neck generously with Rose Quartz Botanical Mist. This essential step gives skin a necessary layer of hydration and prepares skin to fully absorb oils.

Massage a few drops of Amethyst Harmony Elixir into damp skin for lightweight nourishment that helps regulate skin’s natural oil production and keeps breakouts at bay.

For added moisture, layer the calming protection of Blue Opal Solid Serum on top. These two clarity boosting superstars work well together or on their own for both day and night moisturizing.

Want to give it a try?

Take home a Discovery Kit with six generously sized samples of each skin care potion featured here. Enjoy exploring and discovering your new favorite skin care rhythm.

Air Skin Rhythm Potions

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