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Designed to elevate and enhance your masking experience, our handmade treatment vessel and brush bring a new level of pleasure to all your skin care rituals. Blend with ease and create product combinations to your heart's content!

Our handmade brush is vegan friendly and makes mixing and applying your facial masks precise and intentional.

Our treatment vessel holds your most healing and pampering facial treatments. Lovingly created by local ceramic artist, Melynn Allen of Melynn Allen Studios, each porcelain vessel is a sculptural gem and possesses its own unique distinctions. No two are the same.

How to care for your treatment vessel and brush:

Always rinse your vessel clean after each use. Use warm water to thoroughly cleanse, adding a few drops of a mild detergent if necessary. Cleanse your brush of all product after each use and allow to air dry. A mild detergent might be needed to rinse your brush, but it is not required. While your vessel is food safe, we recommend that you reserve this piece for treatment mixing only. Please do not place in the dishwasher, microwave, or oven.

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