Mineral Monograph: Amethyst


In ancient civilizations amethyst had some intriguing uses and associations. The ancient Greeks believed amethyst stone to prevent intoxication from alcohol consumption if the drinking vessel was either carved out of or decorated with the stone. The word "amethyst" is derived from the ancient Greek word "amethustos," which means sober. Tibetan monks revered amethyst as "God's eyes" due to the height at which it could be found far up in the Himalayan mountains, and it was thought to bring good fortune to those lucky enough to possess it. There is further evidence of amethyst's reverence in ancient Egyptian culture; it was a popular stone for jewelry and intaglio carvings.


Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family. Though it's usually known for being a rich violet-purple, amethyst comes in many shades of purple. The crystal known as Prasiolite (or green quartz) is often referred to as green amethyst. Amethyst is often found in the form of six sided crystals and occurs in many igneous and metamorphic rocks, particularly granite.



We see the beauty of amethyst's form and color in the physical realm, yet there are facets to amethyst beyond what the eye can perceive. Vibrationally, amethyst's purple color acts as a natural peace-maker, helping dispel fears, rage, and anxiety. Energetically, amethyst brings balance and calm to our total being so that we can skillfully release unhelpful energies and connect with higher spiritual centers for increased awareness and intuitive abilities. Amethyst crystal brings clarity to the mind, encouraging a free flow between the mental and metaphysical realms.



Call on the power of amethyst when you need guidance from higher wisdom, strength of mind, and when you wish to purify your energetic field from negative overtones. One idea is to place an amethyst crystal (large or small - doesn't matter) on a white piece of paper and write down words that encapsulate the energy of your dreams and aspirations. For example, you might write things like "house, flower garden, loving partnership, adventure, peaceful relationships, joy" etc. Ask the spirit of amethyst to carry the energy of your dreams and aspirations into the realm of pure potentiality (aka the quantum field) and to bring you the mental focus and wisdom to move daily into the manifestation of those desires. Afterwards, you could burn the paper, or bury it in earth as way to symbolize that you have now completed your part of the ritual in the physical realm. Keep your amethyst crystal somewhere visible in your space and watch for shifts!

One way to enjoy amethyst's vibrational medicine is with a mineral essence. An essence captures the energetic signature of a mineral of plant and is considered spiritual medicine because it works on the energetic plain. You can find amethyst gemstone essence in Amethyst Harmony Elixir and enjoy the energetic benefit of this healing crystal in addition to all the skin nourishing goodness of this facial oil.




Photo by: Anete Lusina from Pexels



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