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Real talk about beauty


Beauty is our birthright. It's not something we must pursue nor something to achieve. You already have it exactly as you are right where you stand. So what is beauty, then? Is it an opinion, a mind-set, a temporary feeling? Is beauty simply “in the eye of the beholder” and not at all inherent to the beheld subject? Beauty could be all these things - I'm not here to make my opinion into a universal truth, but I believe there is power in considering beauty as a state of being, an “is-ness” we naturally embody. In other words we already have it... we already are it. Beauty resides beyond the eye of the beholder – it's the truth of who we are on a soul level.



It’s Time to Dispel the Beauty Myth

Beauty has been misused and corrupted by many forms of industry. Their influence has infiltrated our contemporary culture as whole and caused a lot of damage to our psyche - both individually and collectively. At least from my perspective in the US, we’ve been deluded into thinking that adorning the label "beautiful" is only for certain people and that beauty is outside of us to be attained through external means. I’m the perfect poster child for this kind of manipulation. I’ve spent a lot of my years in my teens and twenties comparing myself to images in fashion magazines and trying to fit into a fabricated construct of beautiful. Whether it was by taming my wildly curly hair, tweezing my eyebrows to a wisp (the 90’s were cruel), or by restricting my diet in an attempt to rapidly shrink my post-partum waistline, I experienced being beautiful as something to work toward and not something I inherently possessed.


Being Beautiful – time for a paradigm shift

I have since healed my outward seeking to posses beauty and now experience beauty as my natural state of being. Not a feeling that comes and goes, but a recognition of an inherent truth of who I am. Yet, the conditioning of aspirational beauty continues to pervade our modern culture. Brands large and small echo the sentiment that we must do or buy certain things to attain beauty. The scary part is that this conditioning is so insidious that some companies don't even realize this underpins most of their messaging. In service of their bottom line (consciously or unconsciously) our relationship to our beauty continues to suffer. As long as we buy into the fear-based marketing messages that we need to do something in order to be something we get trapped in a constant cycle of consumption and dissatisfaction. We cannot buy our way to beautiful because we already are. Something amazing happens when we shift our relationship to self and beauty. The shift is radical, though it might seem that is happens slowly because unwinding years of cultural conditioning can take time. I believe in you - you can do this.



Beauty is Our Birthright


Beauty is not something we can go out and get and it certainly does not exist in a bottle, jar, or tube. Beauty has never been “out there.” It’s been within us all along – accessible to everyone. So let’s reclaim the words “beauty” and “beautiful” from all those commercials and magazine ads that obscure our very personal experience of beauty with their mass ideology. Let’s heal from all the damaging self-talk, the insidious ad-speak, and all the misguided definitions of beauty (because, really, where did they come from in the first place?) It’s time to shed our masks, the layers of shame, and any of the labels society has adhered to our bodies, our faces, and our beings. It’s time to embrace our truth and take back our beauty. Please be patient with yourself and this process... I promise you will experience a new kind of freedom and deeper relationship with yourself and reclaim your beauty.



Hello Beautiful!

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