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Taking time to nurture our body, mind, and spirit is essential to our well-being and long term health. Sometimes we hear the phrase “take time...” and immediately start thinking that time is exactly what we don’t have!

This month's self care focus is on something we do all the time, automatically - breathing. The simple act of taking air in and out of our lungs is at once unremarkable and miraculous. The air we breathe is a channel of nourishment for our body, mind and spirit.
Stress and busyness tend to lead us into patterns of shallow breathing, but when we tune into our breath we have the power to shift moods and cope with life from a new perspective. Even the simple act of taking several mindful deep breaths each day can ease physical and mental tension.

The following breathing technique is a simple, easy, and quick way to help maximize your oxygen intake and increase energy. Make it a priority to nourish yourself with this uplifting breathing exercise and your will positively influence your mood, mental state, and physical well-being.
4-4-4 BREATH

Varying the length of time between inhalation and exhalation allows you to refocus your attention and maximize your body’s breath. One practice is 4-4-4 breathing in which you inhale fully to the count of 4, pause for 4 seconds, and exhale for 4 seconds. Repeat the process for several cycles.

• • • • • • • • • •  •  •  •   •   •  •  •  • • • • • • • • • •

Enhance your moment of pause by misting your skin and surroundings with your favorite botanical mist. If time and space allows, incorporate this breath-work at the beginning or end of meditation. Or, create a mini meditation centered around this breathing exercise: close your eyes, take several 4-4-4 breaths, and then enjoy 5-10 minutes of stillness and quiet.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you soulful self care today and always!

With love & light,

Founder & Botanical Alchemist


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